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Don Chalmers Ford: At the Forefront with a Do-It-Yourself Mobile App

12-time Winner of the President’s Award for Outstanding Customer Service uses its mobile app to compete and offer unbeatable deals and care 

Don Chalmers Ford in Rio Rancho, New Mexico prides itself on being at the forefront of technology. That’s one of the reasons it built a mobile app online with MobileAppLoader. In addition, the dealership was looking for something that the competition wasn’t offering.  

“We were looking for something to propel us ahead of our competitors,” says Shauna Sadler, Marketing Specialist with Don Chalmers Ford.

That “something” came in the form of a do-it-yourself mobile app.

“We have lots of people scheduling appointments through our app, and they’re searching inventory through it,” Sadler says.

The dealership uses its app in conjunction with social media. Twice a month, Don Chalmers Ford posts an announcement on Facebook that hints at a unique “app special,” offered to anyone who downloads Don Chalmers Ford’s free app from the App Stores (Apple and/or Google Play).

Twice-monthly specials are sent via Push Notifications, which arrive directly to the home screens of customers’ smart phones. Eye-catching photos and money-saving coupons drive people to Don Chalmers Ford on the slowest days of the week, which tend to be mid-week.

The process of sending Push Notifications was “easy” and “self-explanatory,” Sadler says. In fact, she sums up the whole experience of creating a mobile app online as “simple. Almost like plug and play. [MobileAppLoader’s App-in-a-Snap wizard] really walks you through everything you need.”

Sadler describes MobileAppLoader’s customer service as “just wonderful“ and “quick to respond.”

As the 12-time winner of the President’s Award for Outstanding Customer Service, Don Chalmers Ford knows a thing or two about the subject! Three times a month, the dealership hosts an event that helps customers take care of their newly purchased vehicles. During “Owners Clinics,” for example, the dealership offers its customers a dinner, prizes, as well as a variety of car-care workshops and a tour of the location. Managers and a Microsoft Sync specialist attend the event to answer questions while making customers feel at home in the dealership.

“It’s a way for us to say thank you,” Sadler says.

It’s also a good venue for telling customers about their dealership’s mobile app and describing exclusive mobile app benefits – benefits that keep Don Chalmers Ford and its customers at the forefront of technology, service, and all-around great business!



It’s Not Too Early to Think about Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah…

MobileAppLoader reveals how building mobile apps for your business will help you ring in the $$$ this holiday season. 

I’m willing to bet that your corner drugstore has been showcasing racks of Halloween costumes for weeks. Its candy shelves are probably stocked with buy-in-bulk bags of Kit Kats and Milky Ways.


Even scarier is the thought of missing a chance to maximize revenues. The winter holidays may seem far off, but Mobile Apps for your business can help you ring in the $$$ in the days leading up to the busiest shopping time of the year. 

It’s easy. A do-it-yourself (DIY) Mobile App by MobileAppLoader offers many customer-friendly features, designed to boost your revenues in the months before – and beyond – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…

Take a look:

Send push notifications directly to customers’ phones to announce:

PRE-HOLIDAY TEST DRIVES – Automotive dealerships! Entice customers with a steaming cup of hot apple cider and a spin in the latest arrival to your lot. You can also announce holiday financing deals and special customer care initiatives, like winter tire installation or child seat installation. 

HOLIDAY APP RAFFLES – Customers who download your app are immediately entered into a raffle. Winners announced via a Push Notification. (See Cody and Company Salon)

TOY DRIVES, FOOD DRIVES, BLOOD DRIVES – Show customers that you belong to their local community by sending push notifications to promote charitable activities benefitting local causes. 

EXERCISE and WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS – Are you a personal trainer or local gym? Encourage your clients to feel good and look great this year (and next) by taking advantage of a 2013/2014 discount on training. Use your app to build communication and camaraderie among boot camp participants. 

HAIR CARE, SKIN CARE, NAIL TREATMENTS – Some beauty transformations happen overnight. Some in an hour. Others require multiple visits. Use Push Notifications to let your clientele know about deals on products and services that will make them look and feel great this holiday season.

CUSTOMER APPRECIATION EVENTS, HAPPY HOURS, OPEN HOUSES – Don’t be a Scrooge. Celebrate the holiday season by tossing a party for your customers; invite them via a Push Notification.

FREE STUFF – Use push notifications to let your customers know that “Santa” has left them a gift at your store. They just have to drop by, say hi, and claim it.

Use your App’s digital loyalty card to help customers accumulate points toward a holiday purchase. MobileAppLoader offers you easy, seamless flexibility to spearhead any loyalty program you choose. For accuracy and convenience, each “point” is time-stamped. Here are a few examples: 

- Buy 3 Aveda hair products and get 50% off our holiday manicure/pedicure.

- Accumulate 20 loyalty card points and get your next oil change free.

- Purchase 10 cups of coffee and the omelet’s on us!

- Attend 20 consecutive exercise sessions and get your 21st session free.

APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING: Make it easy! Holiday time is a busy time for you and your customers. Make it faster, easy, and unforgettable by establishing your presence an App and letting your customers book an appointment with it.

VALUABLE, VISIBLE Mobile Apps for Hair Salons, Spas, Auto Dealerships, Schools … Have a business or organization? Mobile Apps help you reach your targeted market.

If your business or organization has a mobile web site, that’s a good start – but here’s why you also need a real Mobile App. We’re not talking about web apps. Those are shortcuts, and they’ll shortchange your marketing investment.

We’re referring to a mobile application that can send Push Notifications (announcements, alerts, mobile coupons) directly to your customers’ phones and tablets. Those kind of mobile apps make all the difference.

When customers download a web app, it sits on their home screens until they forget about it. Apps with Push Notifications, on the other hand, drive customer engagement because they have built-in VALUE. Sending push notifications with coupons and news, for example, makes your app not only visible but also highly relevant.

Near Me Alerts are special geo-based notifications that are sent automatically whenever existing or potential customers with your app come within a pre-determined proximity of your store. It “pings” customers with information about daily specials, a drop-in deal – whatever you want. The key is: Keep your mobile app VISIBLE and keep it VALUABLE. Push Notifications (and Near Me Alert capability) do both.

Below are examples showing how hair salons, spas, automotive dealerships, schools and other types of businesses use MobileAppLoader's affordable, easy-to-build and easy-to-use mobile apps to promote business. To buy one – affordably – for your business, click here.

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