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Car Dealership Builds Easy, Do It Yourself Mobile Apps: "We didn't overthink it"

Meeting Expectations & Surpassing Them: Toyota of San Bernardino builds an easy-to-use mobile app to further its multi-faceted mission 

“A mobile app is something that people expect,” says Jim Stark, grassroots manager for Toyota of San Bernardino. “We’ve kept our app simple, but our customers can do everything they want through it: schedule service appointments, access our inventory, rent a car…”

Stark says he chose MobileAppLoader because the company was recommended and because “it was the easiest, most convenient, and well-priced.”

“For us, it’s important to design an app that saves our customers time. Cumbersome apps don’t save time, and they defeat the purpose of having an app,” he says.

Toyota of San Bernardino developed a robust, full-featured app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices “but we didn’t overthink it. All of the features we included are clear, usable and easily accessible with a total of 9 simple buttons. MobileAppLoader enabled us to design exactly what we wanted.”

“It was exactly what we were looking for,” Stark says. “And the people at MobileAppLoader were very simple to work with.”

Though mobile apps can be simple and do-it-yourself, operating a car dealership is very multi-faceted. “It is not just about selling cars,” according to Stark. In fact, Toyota of San Bernardino considers a big part of its mission to be supporting its local community.

The dealership plays a significant role in educating consumers and helping local institutions, like students at a nearby university and children who lack dental insurance. For heartwarming details, see:

The dealership’s mobile app also plays a big role in getting the message out. Push Notifications (also called: Near Me Alerts - see below) arrive directly to customers’ home screens. “Our app is an important part of our outreach,” Stark says. “It helps us reach a myriad of different people. It’s something that people expect.”


   The App Displays New Inventory


Don Chalmers Ford: At the Forefront with a Do-It-Yourself Mobile App

12-time Winner of the President’s Award for Outstanding Customer Service uses its mobile app to compete and offer unbeatable deals and care 

Don Chalmers Ford in Rio Rancho, New Mexico prides itself on being at the forefront of technology. That’s one of the reasons it built a mobile app online with MobileAppLoader. In addition, the dealership was looking for something that the competition wasn’t offering.  

“We were looking for something to propel us ahead of our competitors,” says Shauna Sadler, Marketing Specialist with Don Chalmers Ford.

That “something” came in the form of a do-it-yourself mobile app.

“We have lots of people scheduling appointments through our app, and they’re searching inventory through it,” Sadler says.

The dealership uses its app in conjunction with social media. Twice a month, Don Chalmers Ford posts an announcement on Facebook that hints at a unique “app special,” offered to anyone who downloads Don Chalmers Ford’s free app from the App Stores (Apple and/or Google Play).

Twice-monthly specials are sent via Push Notifications, which arrive directly to the home screens of customers’ smart phones. Eye-catching photos and money-saving coupons drive people to Don Chalmers Ford on the slowest days of the week, which tend to be mid-week.

The process of sending Push Notifications was “easy” and “self-explanatory,” Sadler says. In fact, she sums up the whole experience of creating a mobile app online as “simple. Almost like plug and play. [MobileAppLoader’s App-in-a-Snap wizard] really walks you through everything you need.”

Sadler describes MobileAppLoader’s customer service as “just wonderful“ and “quick to respond.”

As the 12-time winner of the President’s Award for Outstanding Customer Service, Don Chalmers Ford knows a thing or two about the subject! Three times a month, the dealership hosts an event that helps customers take care of their newly purchased vehicles. During “Owners Clinics,” for example, the dealership offers its customers a dinner, prizes, as well as a variety of car-care workshops and a tour of the location. Managers and a Microsoft Sync specialist attend the event to answer questions while making customers feel at home in the dealership.

“It’s a way for us to say thank you,” Sadler says.

It’s also a good venue for telling customers about their dealership’s mobile app and describing exclusive mobile app benefits – benefits that keep Don Chalmers Ford and its customers at the forefront of technology, service, and all-around great business!



Pennsylvania Dealership Keeps Pace with Technology

Do-It-Yourself Mobile Apps keep car customers informed and coming back.
As the Internet Director for Faulkner-Ciocca Chevrolet, Mike Myers knows the importance of keeping up with the latest technology.

“It used to be that if a company didn’t have a fax machine, it was behind the times. If it didn’t have voicemail, a computer and a web site, it was behind. These days, if you’re a legitimate company, you also need a Mobile App. It gives your dealership credibility.”
Faulkner-Ciocca Chevrolet purchased its mobile app for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones from MobileAppLoader, the very first online, do-it-yourself app builder worldwide (continued below).

“Our mobile app is a resource for customers to connect with us,” says Mike. “It’s not just a generic marketing tool. It offers us a specific way to explain to our customers who we are, and our customers choose to download our app because they think it’s cool. It has a lot of good features on it.”

Features most popular with FC Chevy’s customers are:
Service Appointment Scheduling
Local Gas Prices
Browsing Inventory
Social Aspects - like receiving notifications about specials and special events at the dealership
Mike says that notifications, which arrive directly to customers’ phone screens, help drive customer retention.

“Notifications aren’t just mass emails. We use them to give our customers information they can use. Customer retention is a big one. Our app brings customers back into the store,” he says.

Mike especially likes the geo-based notification feature, which automatically sends customers a notification when they drive within a certain radius of another location. He admits the dealership uses notifications to inform customers, not exactly to sell cars. Recent notifications have announced money-saving specials on parts and services, special holiday hours, a new collision center that will open across from the dealership this April, and a link to a new web page, where customers can log reviews.

“We don’t use the app as a hard sell,” Mike explains. “We use it to give customers information they’ll find helpful.”
Faulkner-Ciocca Chevrolet is very involved in its hometown community of Quakertown, PA, where the 35-year-old dealership supports organizations like local schools, sports teams, and emergency services.

With its state-of-the-art mobile app from MobileAppLoader, the dealership also plans to send notifications to promote grassroots activities and causes it supports.

“We’ll send notifications about different events going on right here at the store,” he says.
To see the FCChevy app in the App Store, click on:
To see the FCChevy app in Google Play, click on:

Turning Service Calls into New Car Sales: Who needs a magic wand when you’ve got a Do It Yourself Mobile App?

Jose Alonso – Internet Director for Jenkins Auto Group – walked into the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo last month looking for one thing ...

“... and one thing only,” he says. “I wanted the latest technology for connecting with customers.”


Known for being on the cutting edge of industry tech, Mr. Alonso found what he was looking for in MobileAppLoader, one of several mobile app builders in the exhibit hall that day. Alonso liked the demo, liked the features, and he liked MobileAppLoader’s prices. Within a week, MobileAppLoader had all 12 apps for all four Jenkins dealerships live in the iTunes and Google Play app stores (4 iPhone apps + 4 iPad apps + 4 Android apps).

“I’ve already had excellent results,” says Alonso. “You have no idea how many calls I get in response to Push Notifications.”

Widely considered the magical App of mobile apps, Push Notifications appear as text messages and/or full-colored graphics that pop up on customers’ phones, alerting them to service deals, new inventory and more.

“Over the weekend, I sent a Push Notification and within five minutes, two customers had already scheduled service appointments,” Alonso says.

Better yet, many of his service-related Push Notifications have triggered calls from customers who’ve gone on to buy new cars from Jenkins dealerships.

“Pretty much every aspect of our app is great,” Alonso says.

He likes being in control of his app, which saves time and money.

“I have access to the backend part. I can control the content and links within my apps, versus hiring someone and going through the hassle and the waiting. I have total control, and the backend interface is very easy to use.”

Alonso is also pleased that customers are using the Appointment Scheduling feature, which enables them to choose the types of services they need, scan their cars’ VINs, specify preferences for service dates and times, and even attach pictures of their vehicles to emails that are received by the dealership’s designated service personnel.

Other favorite features: A real-time search of best local gas prices, links to Facebook and Twitter, and the ability to repurpose advertising content for Push Notifications.

“Whatever ad we’re running on the floor and on the web, we can now run on phones via our mobile apps,” Alonso says.  

He calls his decision to invest in MobileAppLoader's do-it-yourself apps a “no brainer” that syncs perfectly with Jenkins’ overall mission.

“Our mission is to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction and to react to our customers in a timely manner, to stay connected. Our apps help us do that,” he says with the following testimonial:

“I’ve found to be a great application tool.  It was very easy to use.  The applications have made communication so easy for our customers before, during, and after the sale.  The sales and service staff is right at their fingertips.  I have seen a huge increase in sales, service, and parts already! I highly recommend this application tool to anyone.”


Father’s Day, Mother’s Day & Do It Yourself Mobile Apps

This Mother’s Day, auto dealerships sent Push Notifications with announcements of specials for moms. Send a shout out to your clientele of dads this Father’s Day with Push Notifications, enabled by easy & affordable, do-it-yourself Mobile Apps from See how easy & affordable it is by visiting:

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