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Gadabout SalonSpas: Our App Users Are Engaged & Excited

How to Create iPhone and Android Apps for Hair Salons. It’s easy…

With seven locations in Tucson, AZ, Gadabout SalonSpas knows that marketing and customer relations have gone mobile. That’s why Gadabout built a salon app using MobileAppLoader online.

“People are more apt to read a push notification than an email,” says Megan Jasper, director of operations and marketing.

Push notifications are mobile app messages that are sent from businesses directly to the home screens of their customers’ phones. They are highly visible and enable businesses to communicate about special events, sales, new product inventory, and more.

Jasper says the ability to engage customers with push notifications is far greater and less expensive than email marketing. Currently, the salon outsources its email management, which has proven pricey and not terribly effective.

“App users are engaged. They’re active. Push notifications are so much more cost-effective than email,” she says.

The benefit of an iPhone and Android App for my salon

 So far, more than 1,500 customers have downloaded Gadabout’s app – and that’s with very little publicity, Jasper says. Her goal is to triple that number while phasing out email.

“I’d rather reach 3,000-5,000 people who are engaged, excited and moveable than send out 20,000 emails and only hit 5%,” she says.

To further promote the app, Jasper plans to put Gadabout’s app icon on all collateral. It will show up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media forums. She also has an app promotion program in the works: “Download Gadabout’s free app and get a complimentary gift.”

The salon app’s embedded loyalty card (like an electronic punch card) is something Jasper intends to use as a way of increasing repeat business. She says she’ll promote the loyalty programs with push notifications.

Making a Salon App

“Gadabout is 35 years young,” says Jasper. “We appeal to all ages. We want to be the salon you select. Email is the traditional route for getting the word out, but there’s a lot of excitement around our mobile app.”

Other features of Gadabout’s mobile app:

-       One-touch calling

-       Locations finder

-       Appointment scheduling

-       Push Notifications

-       Embedded email

-       Specials

-       Gift Cards

-       Links to Gadabout’s web site

-       Links to videos and Industry web sites

-       And more...

To learn more about getting an App for your business, click here.


Avissa Salon: Building Clientele and Community with its Affordable, Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Building a full-featured, branded mobile app online can be affordable and effective. Here is yet another success story. 

When Wolverines and Eagles need a haircut, facial, wax and threading … or simply a home away from home to celebrate Fridays, holidays, and good times… they come to Avissa Salon in Ann Arbor, MI.

This fall, Avissa Salon used its Mobile App from MobileAppLoader to welcome Wolverine and Eagle students back to town. The salon, which is located near the campuses of the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, sent colorful push notifications with invitations to happy hours and a client appreciation event. In the past, it has announced salon specials, discounts, and even New Year's parties.

“We use push notifications every two weeks, and we get a lot of response,” says Makan Lajevardi, who founded Avissa Salon in 2012. Two of its Push Notifications (sent directly to clients’ phones) are displayed below:


Customers also book appointments through the app, which Mr. Lajevardi describes as “very affordable and very easy… I have never had any problems with our App. MobileAppLoader is a great company to work with, and I’ve referred several people to it. They have apps that meet the needs of the salon industry.”

To publicize Avissa Salon’s app and to encourage people to download it, Mr. Lajevardi has offered clients a “Complementary Eyebrow Waxing.”

He acknowledges that mobile apps come with a millennium “cool factor.” They also facilitate cool causes. Salon Avissa uses its app to promote events benefitting the community, like Mott’s Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor.

“It’s perfect,” he says. “I simply send out a push notification to let people know what’s taking place, and a lot of people respond."

Hair ... and Here!

Salon DARIN uses Mobile App to connect with customers wherever they are. 

Darren Reitberg was leafing through a salon industry trade magazine when he saw an article featuring a hair stylist and her Mobile App. The article caught his eye for two reasons:

1. That stylist was the very person who encouraged Darren to enter the salon industry.

2. He wanted a Mobile App but thought it would be too expensive.

Buying one from MobileAppLoader proved otherwise. As the owner of

Salon DARIN in Monroe, Connecticut, Darren Reitberg discovered that Mobile Apps can be extremely affordable, effective and easy
to use.

“Updating information – like changing our hours – on my app it is easier than updating them on Facebook,” he says.

For starters, Darren purchased an iPhone app. Later, he purchased one for Android phones, too. He says the app acts like a bookmark on his customers’ mobile phones, a reminder of where they’ve been and where they’ll return.

“Customers like using my app,” he says. “They ask for appointments through it and enjoy having my phone number and email right there in front of them.”

The salon sends different types of Push Notifications. Some pique customers’ interest with riddles and the promise of a reward. Others serve to simply say “Hello. We’re here,” Darren says.

He enjoys talking about his app with other stylists at educational events. As for his own personal use, he employs its snappy QR Code scanner.

In this day of digital & mobile everything, the business side of running a salon has reached far beyond an appointment book and computer.

“Keeping up with technology is extremely important,” Darren says. MobileAppLoader makes it easy. 

Jean Marie Salon: Wellness from Within

Mobile apps keep guests in the know about services, new products, and yoga ... Yes, yoga.

“We’re all about wellness,” says Angie Tomky, the owner of Jean Marie Salon in Lockport, IL.

Wellness for her customers is Angie’s mission, and it seems to be her Karma, too. Since opening the salon in 2007, her business has thrived, growing from three stylists to more than 16 employees.

“We’ve really come a long way,” she says.

A certified Aveda salon, Jean Marie caters to the whole person with organic, plant-based solutions that provide a healthy adventure into relaxation. Guests receive shampoos in dimmed lighting with scalp and neck messages. They enjoy the warmth of heated pillows and towels while light music plays in the background.

“It’s very pampering,” Angie says.

The salon also offers yoga – something unique for a hair salon – but in perfect harmony with Jean Marie’s mission. The classes take place in a dedicated yoga room, providing guests with a quiet venue for relaxation and mental reflection.

“It’s also wellness ... from the inside out,” Angie says.

In addition to hairstyling, nail care, make-up and facials, the salon has educational sessions that train guests on styling techniques.

“It’s very important that our guests can go back and repeat the look they received in our store. Teaching them the techniques makes them feel better about their hair,” Angie says. “Education is part of our passion for bringing wellness into people lives.”

This passion extends to the broader community, too. The salon raises funds for cancer research and offers Annual Cancer Survivor Days, during which survivors get salon services for free.

When it comes to running a healthy business, Angie stays true to her holistic approach.

“Technology is huge,” she says. “You have to get with tech – or get left behind. These days, you have to be active on all fronts because everyone uses something different.”

So in addition to using newspapers and online venues like a website and Facebook, Angie employs a mobile app from MobileAppLoader.

“When we send out Push Notifications, we get instant results,” she says.

Push Notifications range from announcements of styling lessons to yoga classes to specials on pedicures and new products.

“My guests are loving it,” Angie says.

Promoting the app is easy. There’s picture of it on the salon’s Facebook page. Stylists always mention it to their guests, who are quick to download it to receive special app-exclusive discounts.

“Nowadays, people are so busy,” Angie says. “The mobile app puts our information in the palm of their hands. It’s very convenient for them – and the more convenient something is for a customer, the more response a business is going to receive.”


A gallery of Push Notifications from Jean Marie Salon below.
To build a Mobile App for your business,
click here:


Ancient Wisdom & Modern Marketing: "Thread and Sugar" uses mobile Apps to promote a healthier path to beauty

Thread and Sugar is the only organic, full-service salon in California’s Central Valley. Located in Fresno, it offers what owner Maysoon Salah describes as an eco-friendly, safer alternative. The salon experience at Thread and Sugar is all-natural, featuring organic hair coloring, facials, manicures, pedicures, hair removal and more…

“I don’t think women should be subjecting themselves to toxic beauty,” Salah says. “We shouldn’t have to contaminate ourselves to look good.”

As a girl, Salah spent many years growing up in Amnan, Jordan, where she learned the ancient techniques of all-natural hair removal, including threading and sugaring, which have been used to beautify women since the time of Cleopatra.

Inspiration to start her own full-service salon began years later in the United States, when she was pregnant. Salah remembers entering different beauty salons for manicures and pedicures and feeling overcome by the fumes. She always tried to sit by an open door or window. Nevertheless, the experience felt unhealthy.

“It’s not healthy for the clients or the workers. I wanted to create a safer option,” she says.

In June 2009, Salah opened Thread and Sugar by drawing on her passion for healthy living and her experiences in Jordan – where woman largely make their own beauty products with natural, organic ingredients. At Thread and Sugar, Salah and her team make 80 percent of the beauty products they use on their clients.

Although some of her organic beauty solutions come from ancient sources of wisdom, Salah’s marketing strategy is ultra-modern. Thread and Sugar has a sleek, “chill,” yet invigorating web site Salah has a blog, newsletter and now uses a mobile App to connect with her customers.

“I want to make sure I’m connected in every way possible,” she says. “A mobile App is another method of keeping my clients updated.”

Salah says that while her newsletters often remain unopened – stuck in clients’ inboxes – push notifications, which she sends via her mobile App, are impossible to miss.

“My mobile App can send announcements that arrive to my clients’ phones directly. Whether or not they want to take advantage of the special we’re offering, they see the notification and it creates a buzz,” she says.

Betty Cheema, a spa client, says: “Thread and Sugar’s mobile App is a great tool that fits mylifestyle perfectly. I get all the daily specials directly to my phone, so I never miss out. I love using their mobile App.”

Built by, the App has proven helpful in boosting customer loyalty, and it provides an appointment-scheduling feature that creates a convenient way for clients to correspond with Salah, too.

“I can set up appointments instantly, without any hassle,” Cheema adds.

According to Salah, being on top of new technology and communication trends is important: “In this economy, if you don’t have things like a mobile App, you’re definitely hurting yourself. You have to stay ahead of your competition, and mobile Apps help.”


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