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Alice Inoue: A Star Shares her Light (with help from her new mobile App)

by Ruth Littmann, MobileAppLoader

Alice Inoue, Chief Inspirational Officer (CIO) of Alice Inoue Life Guidance

As a popular news anchor and TV personality, Alice Inoue was a star, who later turned to the stars for help establishing her own business: Alice Inoue Life Guidance.

“Every day, I was filming something for TV,” she says of her former life in broadcasting.

In addition to anchoring the bilingual Japan TV News, Ms. Inoue hosted her own show, sponsored by top names like Nike, Polo and Ralph Lauren.

One afternoon in 1999, a co-worker suggested she consult an astrologer. Just for fun, Ms. Inoue did, and the astrologer predicted that her life would “go in a different direction” in April 2001.

It did.

But Ms. Inoue didn’t believe the astrologer’s prediction at the time. “I was at the top of my career,” she says. “I thought to myself: How could it be true?” After her appointment with the astrologer, she recorded the prediction in her Palm Pilot – just for laughs – and promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward to early 2001:  Sponsorship was on the decline. Ms. Inoue remembers entering the TV studio in early April. Her boss greeted her solemnly and said the company had been sold. Her show was discontinued.

“He advised me to walk down the street to the unemployment office...”

She did. While waiting in line, Ms. Inoue took out her Palm Pilot and happened upon the prediction she had recorded – just for laughs – nearly two years before.

“My clients and I have really been enjoying it...It’s so easy to use and create."

Waves of shock washed over her. Incredulous but energized, she headed directly to the nearest bookstore, where she purchased books on astrology, life cycles, psychology, and life guidance. She studied all dimensions of her newfound fascination and became Chief Inspirational Officer (CIO) of Alice Inoue Life Guidance.

Now, the former TV star’s mission is to inspire, guide and empower other people through astrology, feng shui and spirituality. She has written multiple books, produced DVDs, she pens a newspaper column, meets with clients in person and over the phone, and these days – rather than working in TV studios – Ms. Inoue is invited by news people for interviews featuring the insights she has gleaned through years of study, experience and inspired living.

“The most rewarding aspect of what I do is helping people understand that what happens to them is not haphazard. There is meaning to their lives, and challenges can help them arrive at a better place,” she says.

One recent Friday afternoon, a client was running late. He arrived to Ms. Inoue’s office and blurted out:

“You need an App!”

To which Ms. Inoue responded: “What’s an App?”

The client, who had lost Ms. Inoue’s phone number and felt altogether frazzled en route to her office, explained that mobile Apps are like a “one-stop shop,” instantly providing access to business’s contact information and services – and Apps are easy to access because they exist on the home screens of users’ cell phones.

Ms. Inoue discovered MobileAppLoader and created an affordable, feature-rich App with all of her contact information, links to her web site and blog, along with the ability to send Push Notifications (instant messages with text and images).

This is one example of a Push Notification that Alice Inoue sends users of her mobile App.

“My clients and I have really been enjoying it,” she says. “It’s so easy to use and create. What I’ve found to be the most amazing thing is that even a small business can afford to do it.”

Her favorite App feature?

“Push notifications,” she says. “They provide a way for me to connect with people. Emails are so often missed, but my clients see the notifications ...

“People are downloading the App and telling me how neat and how professional it looks,” Ms. Inoue says.

Describing herself as “not a technical person,” Ms. Inoue nevertheless says that the process of building an App was simple. Even getting the requisite developer’s license from Apple was a snap.

“I’m very proud. I tell people I’m a licensed Apple developer,” she laughs, and referring to MobileAppLoader she adds: “The people there are so fast and helpful.”

Which is, perhaps, where the stars of both business align: Just as Ms. Inoue’s mission is to empower her clients with tools for making the most of life’s opportunities, so too does MobileAppLoader provide Apps for helping businesses reach ever-greater levels of success by reaching out to their own stars – their customers.


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