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Car Dealership Builds Easy, Do It Yourself Mobile Apps: "We didn't overthink it"

Meeting Expectations & Surpassing Them: Toyota of San Bernardino builds an easy-to-use mobile app to further its multi-faceted mission 

“A mobile app is something that people expect,” says Jim Stark, grassroots manager for Toyota of San Bernardino. “We’ve kept our app simple, but our customers can do everything they want through it: schedule service appointments, access our inventory, rent a car…”

Stark says he chose MobileAppLoader because the company was recommended and because “it was the easiest, most convenient, and well-priced.”

“For us, it’s important to design an app that saves our customers time. Cumbersome apps don’t save time, and they defeat the purpose of having an app,” he says.

Toyota of San Bernardino developed a robust, full-featured app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices “but we didn’t overthink it. All of the features we included are clear, usable and easily accessible with a total of 9 simple buttons. MobileAppLoader enabled us to design exactly what we wanted.”

“It was exactly what we were looking for,” Stark says. “And the people at MobileAppLoader were very simple to work with.”

Though mobile apps can be simple and do-it-yourself, operating a car dealership is very multi-faceted. “It is not just about selling cars,” according to Stark. In fact, Toyota of San Bernardino considers a big part of its mission to be supporting its local community.

The dealership plays a significant role in educating consumers and helping local institutions, like students at a nearby university and children who lack dental insurance. For heartwarming details, see:

The dealership’s mobile app also plays a big role in getting the message out. Push Notifications (also called: Near Me Alerts - see below) arrive directly to customers’ home screens. “Our app is an important part of our outreach,” Stark says. “It helps us reach a myriad of different people. It’s something that people expect.”


   The App Displays New Inventory


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