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Salon DARIN uses Mobile App to connect with customers wherever they are. 

Darren Reitberg was leafing through a salon industry trade magazine when he saw an article featuring a hair stylist and her Mobile App. The article caught his eye for two reasons:

1. That stylist was the very person who encouraged Darren to enter the salon industry.

2. He wanted a Mobile App but thought it would be too expensive.

Buying one from MobileAppLoader proved otherwise. As the owner of

Salon DARIN in Monroe, Connecticut, Darren Reitberg discovered that Mobile Apps can be extremely affordable, effective and easy
to use.

“Updating information – like changing our hours – on my app it is easier than updating them on Facebook,” he says.

For starters, Darren purchased an iPhone app. Later, he purchased one for Android phones, too. He says the app acts like a bookmark on his customers’ mobile phones, a reminder of where they’ve been and where they’ll return.

“Customers like using my app,” he says. “They ask for appointments through it and enjoy having my phone number and email right there in front of them.”

The salon sends different types of Push Notifications. Some pique customers’ interest with riddles and the promise of a reward. Others serve to simply say “Hello. We’re here,” Darren says.

He enjoys talking about his app with other stylists at educational events. As for his own personal use, he employs its snappy QR Code scanner.

In this day of digital & mobile everything, the business side of running a salon has reached far beyond an appointment book and computer.

“Keeping up with technology is extremely important,” Darren says. MobileAppLoader makes it easy. 

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