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Jean Marie Salon: Wellness from Within

Mobile apps keep guests in the know about services, new products, and yoga ... Yes, yoga.

“We’re all about wellness,” says Angie Tomky, the owner of Jean Marie Salon in Lockport, IL.

Wellness for her customers is Angie’s mission, and it seems to be her Karma, too. Since opening the salon in 2007, her business has thrived, growing from three stylists to more than 16 employees.

“We’ve really come a long way,” she says.

A certified Aveda salon, Jean Marie caters to the whole person with organic, plant-based solutions that provide a healthy adventure into relaxation. Guests receive shampoos in dimmed lighting with scalp and neck messages. They enjoy the warmth of heated pillows and towels while light music plays in the background.

“It’s very pampering,” Angie says.

The salon also offers yoga – something unique for a hair salon – but in perfect harmony with Jean Marie’s mission. The classes take place in a dedicated yoga room, providing guests with a quiet venue for relaxation and mental reflection.

“It’s also wellness ... from the inside out,” Angie says.

In addition to hairstyling, nail care, make-up and facials, the salon has educational sessions that train guests on styling techniques.

“It’s very important that our guests can go back and repeat the look they received in our store. Teaching them the techniques makes them feel better about their hair,” Angie says. “Education is part of our passion for bringing wellness into people lives.”

This passion extends to the broader community, too. The salon raises funds for cancer research and offers Annual Cancer Survivor Days, during which survivors get salon services for free.

When it comes to running a healthy business, Angie stays true to her holistic approach.

“Technology is huge,” she says. “You have to get with tech – or get left behind. These days, you have to be active on all fronts because everyone uses something different.”

So in addition to using newspapers and online venues like a website and Facebook, Angie employs a mobile app from MobileAppLoader.

“When we send out Push Notifications, we get instant results,” she says.

Push Notifications range from announcements of styling lessons to yoga classes to specials on pedicures and new products.

“My guests are loving it,” Angie says.

Promoting the app is easy. There’s picture of it on the salon’s Facebook page. Stylists always mention it to their guests, who are quick to download it to receive special app-exclusive discounts.

“Nowadays, people are so busy,” Angie says. “The mobile app puts our information in the palm of their hands. It’s very convenient for them – and the more convenient something is for a customer, the more response a business is going to receive.”


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