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Notre Dame School Scores an A plus with Mobile App

Founded in 1852, Notre Dame is a private K-12 school in Portsmouth, Ohio with a rich history of inspiring academic excellence, religious commitment and service among its pupils (ND Schools). With roots dating back 160 years, Notre Dame is constantly moving forward, as evidence by its use of mobile apps.

Notre Dame’s apps (built by MobileAppLoader) include a dashboard on the homepage with instant links to the school’s athletics, academics, news, phone number, lunch menus, calendar, email and more.

“School information is always at your fingertips,” says Drew Mader, assistant director of development for the school. “Parents and students come into the office telling us how much they’re enjoying our apps.”

One of the most popular features are updates – also known as Push Notifications – which parents and students receive directly to their phones, like instant messages.

“They don’t have to go out and get the information,” Mr. Mader says. “Everything is brought right to them. They rely on it a lot.”

The school uses Push Notifications to send academic announcements and reminders of school events. On any given “game-day,” Mr. Mader also sends Push Notifications to announce the times and locations of different athletic activities. During the games, he uses his mobile app to send updates – live from the field – to fans who want to stay in-the-loop with scores but can’t be physically at the field. Via updates they receive on their phones, they can cheer from wherever they are…

This year’s athletic schedule was particularly busy and successful, and many teams had competitions that overlapped. Push Notifications enabled swim team members to keep up with their friends on different courts playing girls and boys basketball.

“Everybody loves to keep in touch,” says Mr. Mader. “Our mobile app makes that easy.”


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