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Turning Service Calls into New Car Sales: Who needs a magic wand when you’ve got a Do It Yourself Mobile App?

Jose Alonso – Internet Director for Jenkins Auto Group – walked into the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo last month looking for one thing ...

“... and one thing only,” he says. “I wanted the latest technology for connecting with customers.”


Known for being on the cutting edge of industry tech, Mr. Alonso found what he was looking for in MobileAppLoader, one of several mobile app builders in the exhibit hall that day. Alonso liked the demo, liked the features, and he liked MobileAppLoader’s prices. Within a week, MobileAppLoader had all 12 apps for all four Jenkins dealerships live in the iTunes and Google Play app stores (4 iPhone apps + 4 iPad apps + 4 Android apps).

“I’ve already had excellent results,” says Alonso. “You have no idea how many calls I get in response to Push Notifications.”

Widely considered the magical App of mobile apps, Push Notifications appear as text messages and/or full-colored graphics that pop up on customers’ phones, alerting them to service deals, new inventory and more.

“Over the weekend, I sent a Push Notification and within five minutes, two customers had already scheduled service appointments,” Alonso says.

Better yet, many of his service-related Push Notifications have triggered calls from customers who’ve gone on to buy new cars from Jenkins dealerships.

“Pretty much every aspect of our app is great,” Alonso says.

He likes being in control of his app, which saves time and money.

“I have access to the backend part. I can control the content and links within my apps, versus hiring someone and going through the hassle and the waiting. I have total control, and the backend interface is very easy to use.”

Alonso is also pleased that customers are using the Appointment Scheduling feature, which enables them to choose the types of services they need, scan their cars’ VINs, specify preferences for service dates and times, and even attach pictures of their vehicles to emails that are received by the dealership’s designated service personnel.

Other favorite features: A real-time search of best local gas prices, links to Facebook and Twitter, and the ability to repurpose advertising content for Push Notifications.

“Whatever ad we’re running on the floor and on the web, we can now run on phones via our mobile apps,” Alonso says.  

He calls his decision to invest in MobileAppLoader's do-it-yourself apps a “no brainer” that syncs perfectly with Jenkins’ overall mission.

“Our mission is to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction and to react to our customers in a timely manner, to stay connected. Our apps help us do that,” he says with the following testimonial:

“I’ve found to be a great application tool.  It was very easy to use.  The applications have made communication so easy for our customers before, during, and after the sale.  The sales and service staff is right at their fingertips.  I have seen a huge increase in sales, service, and parts already! I highly recommend this application tool to anyone.”


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