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You are about to make an important business decision…

Businesses with mobile marketing strategies know it’s crucial to have a mobile App. However, not all developers can create Apps with features your business needs.

MobileAppLoader has prepared this report to help you make the right decision on a mobile App developer. Please use the following tables as checklists of essential questions to ask before you purchase an App.

If you have questions or would like more information call us at (408)502-6029 or email us at

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Checklist #1: Compare Companies

We encourage you to use the checklist below prior to purchasing a mobile App.

Important Questions to Ask

MobileAppLoader’s Answers

Call the App developer, speak one-on-one with Customer Service, and ask the questions below.

Call us at (408) 502-6029. We are available to answer your questions 7 days a week.

Can the developer guarantee that Apple will approve your App and make it available in the iTunes App Store?

Your money will be wasted if your App does not appear in the iTunes App Store. It will be inaccessible to users.

HINT: If developers publish guidelines on how to get your App approved, it usually means they put the burden of approval on you. Shop for a different developer.

MobileAppLoader uploads your App to the App Stores (iTunes and Android) and offers a 100% money back guarantee. However, we’ve never had to use this guarantee because all of our Apps have been approved and uploaded.

To see our “Live Apps,” please click here.

Many App developers boast a large number of Apps, but this does not always reflect Apps successfully uploaded to App Stores. Always ask for a link to a developer’s Live Apps The link should be to an App Store site, not simply to the developer’s web site.

MobileAppLoader has uploaded nearly 1,000 Apps to the Apple iTunes and Android App Stores. You can easily preview them by clicking on “ Live Apps.”

Check to make sure that the developer’s name appears on the iTunes web site. See: How Strong is the Developer’s App Store Presence?

To view MobileAppLoader’s iTunes App Store presence, click on “ Live Apps.”

Does the developer target your business niche – or produce generic Apps?

CAUTION: Most of our competitors offer RSS/Website feed Apps. These Apps simply retrieve information from the Internet and will not work without an Internet connection. They are generally low-quality and unreliable.

MobileAppLoader has 20 types of business Apps designed to target different types of business needs. We have Apps with specific tools for Auto Dealerships, Hair Salons, Restaurants, and much more… See “Compare Features

Download Apps of our competitors:

  1. Does the App prompt you for “Notifications” when you open it?
  2. Check the App’s responsiveness
  3. Does every button work?
  4. Turn on “Airplane Mode.” Does the App still work? If not, the App will not work when your customer does not have an Internet connection.
  5. Will your customers use the features?

MobileAppLoader invites you to download our Apps.

  1. Our “gold” Apps feature Notifications, enabling you to send your customers instant news of sales, new merchandise and coupons.
  2. Our Apps are extremely responsive and bug-free.
  3. Every button is tailored to helping you and your customers’ needs.
  4. Our Apps are “native Apps,” which means they work even when you have no Internet connection.
  5. MobileAppLoader has designed its Apps with features that help different types of businesses succeed… See “Compare Features

Does the developer offer Apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices?

MobileAppLoader enables you to reach more of your customer base by offering Apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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Checklist #2: Compare Features

MobileAppLoader has the richest and most usable feature set in the industry. We offer reliable, market-specific functionality in a streamlined format – which makes your App practical and easy-to-use for you and your customers.

Use the tables below as a checklist for determining whether other App developers offer:

  1. Essential, General Features
  2. Industry-Specific Features

Important Questions to Ask

MobileAppLoader’s Answers

Notifications: Do the developer’s Apps enable you to send Notifications – otherwise known as Push Notifications and/or Alerts? These are like “Instant Broadcasts” that help you reach out to clientele.

With Gold and Platinum Apps from MobileAppLoader, you can send unlimited Notifcations/Alerts to your customers. To learn more, click here.

Graphics: Do the developer’s Apps enable you to send full-color coupons with graphics?

Apps from MobileAppLoader give you the ability to send your customers full-color coupons and announcements with eye-catching graphics. To learn more, click here.

Chat: Does the App let you communicate directly, one-on-one with a customer?

Our Platinum Apps offer “Customer Chat,” an App-based feature enabling you and your customer to send text messages to each other for free. To learn more, click here.

DIY Updates: Can you update the App remotely?

With MobileAppLoader’s “Online Updates,” you can easily update your App whenever you want. To learn more, click here.

Appointment Scheduling: Can your customers request appointments with their Apps – and how many steps does it take?

MobileAppLoader offers the most efficient, 4-step way for your customers to request an appointment with you.

  1. Enter Name
  2. Enter Phone #

(The App remembers both)

  1. Enter desired Date/Time
  2. Press Send

Memory: Does the Appointment Request Form remember the name and phone number of the user?

We make appointment scheduling fast and easy with Apps that remember your customers’ names and phone numbers so they don’t waste time re-typing their information when scheduling subsequent appointments.

Appointment Reminders: Does the App record appointments on your customers’ iPhone calendars and provide reminders?

MobileAppLoader Apps will automatically record the appointments your customers schedule via your App to their iPhone calendars. They will receive reminders of their appointment one day and one hour before it takes place.

Accessibility: How easily can your customers reach you?

One-Touch Call is a MobileAppLoader feature that enables users to reach you with a single click – no searching, no scrolling through address books. A single button on your App’s home page makes you accessible to your customers.

Phone Book Interface: Does the App enable your customer to easily add your contact information to their iPhone address book?

MobileAppLoader makes it easy for your customers to add your contact information directly to their iPhone address books.

Social Networking: Does the App support Social Networking?

All of our Apps can integrate your social networking presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

News: Does the App offer a News Page/RSS Feed?

We provide a link that gives users access to news and information that you provide about your company.

Email Sharing: How easy is it for users to “share” my App?

With one click of a button, your customers can email their friends a link enabling them to download your App.

Facebook Sharing: Can users “share” my App on Facebook?

Users can “like” your App on Facebook and share it with friends.

High Resolution: Do your Apps have Retina Display support? Will images be sharp and clear?

Our latest Apps support the retina (high resolution) images, rendering sharper graphics.

Analytics: Can I track downloads and usage of my App?

MobileAppLoader offers Analytics. For an additional $49.99, you can track how many people download your App and how they use it (which buttons they click, which pages they view, etc.)

Testimonials: Does your App offer a Testimonial Page?

MobileAppLoader enables your customers to post testimonials directly to your App while giving you full control – you can accept or reject any testimonial before it appears on your App.

Check-In: Does your App provide a “Check-In” function?

With MobileAppLoader’s “Check-In” function, your App can log customers’ visits to your business. It’s like a “punch card” feature that comes in handy for incentive programs.

Features for Auto Dealerships


Inventory: Does your App provide an Inventory interface?

With “Inventory Search,” your customers can easily browse through merchandise you show online.

Does the App record miles and appointments?

MobileAppLoader offers convenient features that track the mileage accrued between servicing, as well as the date and time of appointments.

Does the App have a car loan calculator?

MobileAppLoader makes it easy to determine monthly payments.

Does the App offer a parking marker?

For safety and convenience, never forget where you’ve parked. Using the “Parking Marker” by MobileAppLoader will give your car’s exact location.

Features for Real Estate


Does the App have a Home Loan Calculator?

MobileAppLoader helps App users determine their monthly mortgage payments.

Can customers use the App to send feedback about properties, including the location of the property and a picture of it?

If you’re a realtor, what better way to stay in touch with your customers and their tastes in real estate? This feature lets App users send their realtors the exact location of properties that interest them along with corresponding snapshots – for free! The information is sent through the App.

Features for Towing


Can customers send towing companies their exact location (via their App) along with a photo of the problem at hand?

If you’re a towing company, help your customers stay safe and contact you quickly with MobileAppLoader’s special towing feature.

With an App from MobileAppLoader, your customers can send you their exact location along with photos of their vehicle’s problem and the surrounding area, so you’ll be able to reach them faster.

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Screen the Developer: Does the Developer have a Solid Presence in the iTunes App Store

How to check App developers on iTunes

iTunes is a great tool for finding out more about an App developer. Through March 2011, Apple allowed App developers to upload Apps to the App Store under the developer’s name. Today, however, each App is uploaded under the customer’s name. This means that you can check how many Apps each developer uploaded until March 2011.

To view Apps they developed after March 2011, you will need to ask developers for links to their Apps on the iTunes App Store. (Don’t settle for viewing these Apps on the developers’ web sites; you must know if they actually made it to the App Store.)

CHECK OUT APPS by MobileAppLoader: We’ve posted links to our Apps at Live Apps. (To view them in the App Store, simply click on the icons provided on that page.)

Here is a step-by-step explanation of the advice given above:

  1. Start iTunes on your PC or Mac.

  1. Click on the “iTunes Store” tab, located in the left sidebar.
  2. Type the developer’s name in the search box and hit “enter.”

  1. Click on any of the Apps that appear under that developer’s name.
  2. Click on the developer’s name.

  1. You will get a full list of iPhone Apps that the developer has published until March 2011.*
  2. You will also get a full list iPad Apps that developer has published until March 2011.*

* Through March 2011, Apple allowed App developers to upload Apps to the App Store under the developer’s name. Today, however, each App is uploaded under the customer’s name.

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