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Ancient Wisdom & Modern Marketing: "Thread and Sugar" uses mobile Apps to promote a healthier path to beauty

Thread and Sugar is the only organic, full-service salon in California’s Central Valley. Located in Fresno, it offers what owner Maysoon Salah describes as an eco-friendly, safer alternative. The salon experience at Thread and Sugar is all-natural, featuring organic hair coloring, facials, manicures, pedicures, hair removal and more…

“I don’t think women should be subjecting themselves to toxic beauty,” Salah says. “We shouldn’t have to contaminate ourselves to look good.”

As a girl, Salah spent many years growing up in Amnan, Jordan, where she learned the ancient techniques of all-natural hair removal, including threading and sugaring, which have been used to beautify women since the time of Cleopatra.

Inspiration to start her own full-service salon began years later in the United States, when she was pregnant. Salah remembers entering different beauty salons for manicures and pedicures and feeling overcome by the fumes. She always tried to sit by an open door or window. Nevertheless, the experience felt unhealthy.

“It’s not healthy for the clients or the workers. I wanted to create a safer option,” she says.

In June 2009, Salah opened Thread and Sugar by drawing on her passion for healthy living and her experiences in Jordan – where woman largely make their own beauty products with natural, organic ingredients. At Thread and Sugar, Salah and her team make 80 percent of the beauty products they use on their clients.

Although some of her organic beauty solutions come from ancient sources of wisdom, Salah’s marketing strategy is ultra-modern. Thread and Sugar has a sleek, “chill,” yet invigorating web site Salah has a blog, newsletter and now uses a mobile App to connect with her customers.

“I want to make sure I’m connected in every way possible,” she says. “A mobile App is another method of keeping my clients updated.”

Salah says that while her newsletters often remain unopened – stuck in clients’ inboxes – push notifications, which she sends via her mobile App, are impossible to miss.

“My mobile App can send announcements that arrive to my clients’ phones directly. Whether or not they want to take advantage of the special we’re offering, they see the notification and it creates a buzz,” she says.

Betty Cheema, a spa client, says: “Thread and Sugar’s mobile App is a great tool that fits mylifestyle perfectly. I get all the daily specials directly to my phone, so I never miss out. I love using their mobile App.”

Built by, the App has proven helpful in boosting customer loyalty, and it provides an appointment-scheduling feature that creates a convenient way for clients to correspond with Salah, too.

“I can set up appointments instantly, without any hassle,” Cheema adds.

According to Salah, being on top of new technology and communication trends is important: “In this economy, if you don’t have things like a mobile App, you’re definitely hurting yourself. You have to stay ahead of your competition, and mobile Apps help.”


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