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It's really not "About Us." It's about our thousands of customers – and their customers. It's about connecting your businesses and organizations with the people you need to reach. It's been that way from the start.

MobileAppLoader was established in Silicon Valley, CA just two months after the first app store opened back in the summer of 2008. Apple announced that its iPhone users would have access to an entirely new type of store: the App Store, and hence the world of Mobile Apps was born.

The founders of MobileAppLoader knew it would be only a matter of time – a short time – before the App Store would rival the Internet as the source of search, content and entertainment on smart phones. In fact, the popularity of smart phones and connected devices, like the iPad, quickly surged past laptop computers.

Businesses have realized that a web site and an email address are no longer enough to stay visible in today's increasingly mobile marketplace. They need a new domain. They need a "Mobile App." In much the same way businesses and organizations rushed to purchase domain names on the Internet – URLs – they have more recently flocked to App developers for a branded presence in Apple's App Store and Android's Google Play.

For the past six years, MobileAppLoader has connected businesses with their customers (and organizations with their members) by developing attractively branded apps capable of sending Push Notifications, Near Me Alerts, and Appointment Scheduling Requests. We design our apps to be user-friendly and affordable with the latest technology, presented in an easy-to-use fashion so that "the latest technology" doesn't bring with it any headaches. In addition to making mobile apps effective, we make them easy.

It really isn't "about us." It's about you and your customers.

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