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Benefits of Mobile Apps

Apps from MobileAppLoader offer your business affordable ways of:

  • Reaching customers
  • Winning repeat business
  • Making your business more accessible
  • Rewarding customers with VIP status
  • Keeping your customers informed
  • Strategically targeting customers with Near Me Alerts
  • Staying current – and sane – with the latest mobile technology
  • Increasing exposure and visibility
  • Establishing a presence in the App Stores

Read what our customers say…
SalonDarin " Updating information – like changing our hours – on my app, it is easier than updating them on Facebook … [And] customers like using my app. They ask for appointments through it and enjoy having my phone number and email right there in front of them. " read more
FCChevy " It used to be that if a company didn't have a fax machine, it was behind the times. If it didn't have voicemail, a computer and a web site, it was behind. These days, if you're a legitimate company, you also need a Mobile App. It gives your dealership credibility. " read more
PetDocks " Having a nice, easy-to-see icon on their phones – along with push notifications – enables us to connect with our clients between their semi-annual visits. It extends the contact we have with them. " read more
JeanMarie " When we send out Push Notifications, we get instant results. " read more
ThreadSugar " Thread and Sugar's mobile app is a great tool that fits my lifestyle perfectly. I get all the daily specials directly to my phone, so I never miss out. I love using their mobile App. " read more
AliceInoue " It's so easy to use and create. What I've found to be the most amazing thing is that even a small business can afford to do it. " read more
Jenkins " Over the weekend, I sent a Push Notification and within five minutes, two customers had already scheduled service appointments. " read more
NDMobile " Everybody loves to keep in touch. Our mobile app makes that easy. " read more

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