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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take until my App is available for download?
A: After you submit your content we’ll build your App during the next working day. We’ll send you images for your approval. Once you approve your App images we will submit it to Apple. We have no control over Apple’s approval process, the average approval time takes about a week.

Q: What if I want stop the subscription? Is there a contract?
A: There is no contract just send us an email we will cancel your subscription and remove your App from the store.

Q: How do I add additional functionality to the App.
A: MobileAppLoader supports the thin client approach. The App is a thin client that displays your WebApp (a fancy name for a website formatted for a mobile device). Develop all your complex functionality on your website and let the App access it. Your App will provide you presence on the App store, icon on the phone and quick access to your WebApp. You complex functionality such as m-commerce will executed by your WebApp viewed on the App.

Q: How do I update my App on the App store?
A: You can update an App at any time, please watch the video at: "Online updates".
If you need to update your App icons and name you will have to purchase an update under "My App" for $49.99 . We will build your App and get it approved by Apple.