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Loyalty Cards for Mobile Apps – NEW!

Give customers another reason to download your mobile app: free stuff.

MobileAppLoader customers know that loyalty matters to all businesses – big and small. Auto dealerships, real estate, hair salons, restaurants, cafes, towing services, legal services and more.

That’s why MobileAppLoader has added Loyalty Cards to its suite of revenue-generating mobile app features. Our loyalty cards are like punch cards but paperless. Customers frequently lose and forget punch cards – but they rarely leave home without their mobile phones.

No hassle. MobileAppLoader’s loyalty card is based on QR Code Scanning and it’s really easy to use. Here’s how it works (images below):

  1. Customers download your App.
  2. They click on “Loyalty Card.”
  3. At the register or checkout counter, the embedded “Loyalty Scanner” is used to record their purchase.
  4. An electronic “stamp” remembers the date of their purchase and displays each “punch” on the card.
  5. By clicking on the file cabinet in the upper left-hand corner, you and your customers can view “purchase history."

    Download App and Click on Loyalty Card 

Use the Loyalty Card Scanner to record the purchase.

An electronic “stamp” remembers the date of their purchase and displays each “punch” on the card.

View purchase history…


MobileAppLoader’s loyalty card is easy to manage, too. Here’s all you do:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the six-digit number of your app, the title of your loyalty card program, and the terms.
    Separate each point of information with a colon and one space. See below.
    211786: Free Deep Conditioning: Buy 3 Get 1 Free

    211786: Oil Change: Buy 5 Get 1 Free

    211786: Free Refill: Buy a coffee, get the second cup free 
  3. Choose your image size
  4. Click on “Create QR Code”
  5. Save this image, print it out, and use it at the cash register to record your customers’ special purchases… Simply click on the loyalty card Scan button.