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Promote Your App

Once your business has a Mobile App, there are many easy ways of letting your customers know why they'll want to download it for free.

1. Your app will save them money with:
     - Mobile coupons
     - Special deals sent via push notifications
     - A digital loyalty card
     - Best gas price locator

2. Your app will save them time with:
     - Appointment scheduling via your app
     - In-app inventory browsing
     - Easy and immediate access to your contact info
     - One-touch calling and in-app emailing
     - Hours of operation AND notifications of closings due to snowstorms, etc.

Tell customers about your app when they’re at the checkout counter. Include a sign and/or table tent at the register and in highly trafficked areas. Announce your app on the home page of your website. If you contact customers via email, mention it in your correspondence. Create a "Mobile App VIP Program" by offering a free gift or discount to customers who download your app. Tell them to press "ok" for push notifications. They'll receive more perks for doing so (see above).