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Reseller Programs

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MobileAppLoader runs successful reseller and referral programs.
Earn money in the app market. No technical expertise is required.
Our philosophy is:
All YOU need to do is sell apps.
There's no technical expertise required because we're your engineers; we're your technical experts.


Margins: Our mobile apps are the most cost-competitive on the market, enabling our resellers to remain cost-competitive and extremely profitable, too. You sell the Apps at your prices. There's no membership fee; yet we offer support. Remember: We're your engineers.

Easy for you: We handle the process of uploading your Apps to the App Stores under your brand name. As your engineers, we remain in the background. We remain invisible but we are at your disposal for assistance, and we also shoulder the job of all App Store-related activity, enabling you to focus on sales.

Resellers White Label App Bundles
As a reseller, you are also our customer. You buy apps from us according to your preference and needs:

  • White Label Gold 10 App Bundle - $199/month (setup included) Buy now
    10 Gold iPhone/Android apps. For details about Gold Apps, click here and scroll down to Package Details. Automotive Apps are not included.

  • White Label Platinum 10 App Bundle - $249/month (setup included) Buy now
    10 Platinum iPhone/Android apps. These Apps include "In-Store Alerts". For details about Platinum Apps, click here and scroll down to Package Details. Automotive Apps are not included.

  • White Label Deluxe 10 App Bundle - $299/month (setup included) Buy now
    10 Platinum iPhone/Android/iPad apps. These Apps include "In-Store Alerts". For details about Platinum Apps, click here and scroll down to Package Details. Automotive Apps are included.

  • You can also buy Apps from us one-by-one. The more you buy,
    the deeper the discount. Click here for more info request form

Resellers White Label Web Site (optional)

New! MobileAppLoader now hosts a Resellers White Label Web Site, enabling you to showcase your apps to customers and prospective customers. Easy-to-use and enticing, this customizable site gives you a turnkey solution for bringing your business online if you don't already have a website.
Example website

Buy now Resellers White Label Web Site for $49/month.

Control: Our reseller program is a White Label enterprise. You sell our white-label apps (branded per your customers' wishes), and we upload them to the App Stores (Apple & Android), where they will appear under your name.

MobileAppLoader remains invisible to your customers and their users. As your engineering team, we offer you 100% support. We also offer a 100% guarantee that your Apps receive approval by Apple. (There is no approval process for Android Apps.)

Support: It's a win-win. The more profitable you are, the more profitable we are. The easier it is for you, the easier it is for us, too. MobileAppLoader keeps app-building simple. Our web-based "App-In-A-Snap" wizard enables you to compile images, text, links and other content in a step-by-step guided process. If you need help, we're accessible over the phone and via email.


MobileAppLoader (which also operates under the names WorldBizApps and ZeroGravityApps) offers a lucrative Referral Program designed for individuals and companies – absolutely no technical expertise is required! If you want to earn money by simply referring app-buying customers to our website, please read on…

Here's how it works: You lead customers to the website of our subsidiary, You direct them to purchase an app using your personal promo code (which we provide to you). If they use your promo code, they will receive a discount and you will receive - as referral earnings – revenue amounting to 50% of their monthly payments for as long as they subscribe to their app.

This is a lucrative opportunity. If you generate 10 new leads per month, and each lead purchases a premium App and stays with the service for the duration of the calculations below, your expected earnings will be:

After 12 months = $3,600 per month
After 24 months = $7,200 per month
After 36 months = $10,800 per month
After 48 months = $14,400 per month

Before you refer potential customers to
1) Please email us to request a Referral Agreement. Our email is:
2) Your email address or a mutually agreed-upon code will be your promo code.

Referring customers:
1) You will provide the potential customer with your promo code.
2) You will direct potential customers to
3) Instruct them to get discounted prices by clicking on "Pricing," entering your promo code, and then pressing "Apply."
3) After they press on Apply, the discounted prices will appear.
      - For “Basic” packages, prices drop from $60 to $40 per month.
      - For “Premium” packages (including push notifications and chat), prices drop from $80 to $60 per month.
4) Your customers must use your promo code to receive the discount and to qualify you for referral payments.

Compensation from WorldBizApps:
At the end of every month, we will send you revenue amounting to 50% of the payments received from customers who signed up with your promo code.

For more info submit the form below:

Reseller Application Form

You sell. We support.
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