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Proven Techniques of App Resellers

Resellers of MobileAppLoader apps understand the big value mobile apps bring to running successful businesses. Our resellers come from vastly different markets and they cater to a variety of different businesses: from medical clinics to hair salons to realtors, gyms, building contractors and dance troupes. One thing they all have in common is the knowledge that Mobile Apps are pivotal to reaching on-the-go customers with mobile phones.

MobileAppLoader's resellers program has made reselling iPhone, iPad and Android apps easy and affordable with white-labeled apps, a simple and seamless interface, and no monthly fee. Take a look at how our resellers are profiting from the smart phone platforms we provide. Note: MobileAppLoader does not disclose the names of resellers. To support our partners and assist future resellers, we have described a few tried-and-true techniques that are creating a win-win-win-win situation for:

You, the reseller.
Your customers.
Their customers.
Us, the app developer.

Reseller A: When you're a web design company without a mobile app department, one very common question gets really tedious: "Do you guys sell mobile apps?" Reseller A* got sick of answering "no" and turned to MobileAppLoader to provide its iPhone, iPad and Android apps. This reseller needed to meet its customers' demand for real apps – not just web apps. Its customers want the ability to send mobile coupons and offer features that are supported only by "native apps," the kind MobileAppLoader develops. Today, Reseller A offers its customers a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy, including push notifications, helping its customers reach their customers wherever they are. It's a "win x 4" situation.

Reseller B: This reseller is a firm in charge of the marketing strategy for a chain of automotive dealerships. Reseller B* not only created a suite of sharp-looking, branded apps for the auto group, but also manages those apps by sending push notifications to announce amazing deals, events and new inventory. Push notifications are easy to send and they are the most effective part of the dealership's mobile marketing strategy.

Reseller C: Reseller C* sold apps to a motorcycle dealership that uses push notifications to spearhead tattoo contests and community events, which have created an enthusiastic following. Every notification brings an element of suspense to users' home screens. Who won? What's next …

Reseller D: Some resellers focus on a specific market or industry. This reseller targets clinics. To advertise the features and benefits of her apps, she has created a web site that is entirely devoted to videos showcasing the apps she has sold. Reseller D* also bought an app for her own business and uses it to stay in touch with her clients and demo what apps can do.

Remember: We are your engineering team. You are the "face" of the mobile apps you sell. MobileAppLoader remains out-of-sight, behind-the-scenes and available to you as a resource for support and marketing ideas. Other advantages: There's no subscription cost or monthly membership fee, and you'll get deeper discounts on apps the more you sell.

If you are interested in becoming a MobileAppLoader Reseller, please complete this reseller application form. Form

* MobileAppLoader does not disclose the names of resellers.