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Mobile Apps for Hair Salons & Spas

Get Started "You have to get with tech – or get left behind." – Jean Marie Salon

Why Buy an App?
Apps give your hair salon/spa exposure. They let you reach customers where they are: on their phones. With their phone in-hand, customers have you in hand, too. What better way to build loyalty and repeat business?

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Native-Hybrid vs. Web Apps
MobileAppLoader's Native-Hybrid Apps support Notifications. Web Apps don't. Our Apps are visible in the app stores. Web Apps aren't. MobileAppLoader doesn't take shortcuts. We build powerful Native-Hybrid apps that feature must-have native functionality and seamlessly connect customers to your website.

How Much Should I Spend?
We offer the most affordable and feature-rich Apps. Apps start at $8.99 per month with a one-time set up fee of $99.99.

Turn-Around Time?
MobileAppLoader builds your App the same day you order it. Android Apps are uploaded within 24 hours. Apple approves submissions within a week.

Hair Salon/Spa
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"My guests are loving it. When we send out Push Notifications, we get instant results …" – Angie Tomky, owner of Jean Marie Salon