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App - Web Integration

Will my mobile app and web site interact seamlessly?

You have a web site. You want a mobile app… but will they interact seamlessly?

Yes. Here’s why:

MobileAppLoader designs "Native-Hybrid" apps that have the

(1) functionality of native apps
(2) flexibility and affordability of web apps (HTML).

Native-Hybrid Apps are full-featured apps that "live" on your customers' mobile devices but are also connected to your web site. They can send push notifications (like mobile coupons, promotions and sales alerts). They can be searched and downloaded from the App Stores, and they will stay on your customers' iPhone, iPad or Android phones with your business's customized icon in full view – keeping you top-of-mind.

Furthermore, they feature your brand, your services, appointment scheduling, live chat, inventory, street location, and more.

Your customers always have your information on their phones, in their pockets, no further away than their purses. To access you, they tap on your icon. There’s no need to type a complicated URL into the Internet browser.

With Native-Hybrid apps, your customers won’t navigate away from your business. Even when accessing a web-based link, your customers STAY WITHIN your app, maintaining your connection with them and vice versa.

We do this by pulling content from your web site into your app. Not only does this provide seamless continuity, but it also saves you the time and expense of weighing down your app with superfluous native code.

Let's quickly define our terms:

    1) Native Apps are heavily coded apps that live on your mobile devices.

    2) Web Apps are essentially links to Internet domains.

What follows is a discussion of how MobileAppLoader took the best of both Native App and Web App technologies and combined them into affordable Native-Hybrid Apps for thousands of businesses, like yours.

I. Native-Hybrids are Much Fuller Featured than Web Apps

Take a look at features that Native-Hybrid Apps can offer your business and your customers: Push Notifications, Near Me Alerts, One-on-One Customer Chat, Loyalty Cards, Parking Markers, QR code scanners, VIN scanners, Calendar Sync, and more.

Web apps and simple mobile web sites cannot offer any of these.

II. Native-Hybrid Apps Appear in the App Stores

Both Native-Hybrid and fully native apps appear in the App Stores. Web apps don't.

III. Native-Hybrid Apps are More Affordable than Native Apps

Consider features like Inventory Search, Mobile Payment (Mobile Commerce) and Company Videos. These are important features that developers of purely native apps will often try to encode these features into the backend of your app. THAT'S NOT NECESSARY. In fact, it's an upsell than can prove harmful to your mobile marketing success.

A fully native app will cost you a lot more time and money. Native-Hybrid Apps, in contrast, utilize links to pull important features from your already existing web site. People using your app will have access to it all – and all within your app.

IV. Native-Hybrid Apps Demand Less Download Time than Native Apps

By pulling certain already-existing features from your already-existing web site, Native-Hybrid Apps not only save you time and money but will save your customers time, as well. Purely native apps – with lots of backend coding – take longer to download, and this can seem frustrating (even ridiculous) to customers who expect a Mobile App to bring them ease and convenience. In contrast, Native-Hybrid Apps are fast, thus sparing you and your customers time and giving them something usable – really fast.

V. Updating Native-Hybrid Apps is Easier, Cheaper, and Faster

If you need to update a fully native app, you'll probably need your developer's help, and that costs extra money. It also demands twice the time because your web site will need updating, too. Native-Hybrid Apps streamline the process. When you update your web site, you automatically update your app. For example, instead of updating your inventory on the web AND within your app, a Native-Hybrid App pulls new inventory info automatically from your updated site.

You do half the work.

Work less, pay less with a Native-Hybrid App. You'll still get a full suite of mobile app features. In short, Native-Hybrid Apps give you and your customers the best of both worlds.

Native-Hybrid App Examples