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MobileAppLoader is offering a new feature – IN-STORE ALERTS – that deliver information to your customers' phones when they near your entrance and start browsing around your location.

Please watch this quick video.

IN-STORE ALERTS let you send customers automatic pop-up notifications about sales, new inventory, events, as well as details about your merchandise and services that will help them decide to buy. MobileAppLoader uses Beacons to deliver this latest technology. Beacons are small bluetooth transmitter devices that plug into your computer, wall power outlet socket or battery-powered. Customers walking in the proximity of a beacon with your app will hear a ringtone and see a pop-up notification on the home screens of their phones.
You can easily configure the In-Store Alerts to send text, images and call to action button.

There are two kinds of Beacons
  • Beacon Tag: battery operated; they can be placed anywhere (mounted on walls, positioned on tables, shelves, etc.)
  • Beacon USB + Power Adaptor: They can be plugged into a computer or any power outlet.

The cost of a Beacon is $50, which includes configuration and shipping. The Beacons will arrive to you fully configured and ready to plug in and/or be placed anywhere in your business' location.

It's easy. Here are some examples:

Car Dealerships: Imagine greeting your customers with an In-Store Alert that says, "Welcome to our Dealership! Check out our new arrival: The 2015 Model X, located on the far right-hand side of our showroom."
When customers walk near your service department, they can automatically receive a coupon for 25% off their next oil change.
And, a month later, you can send a follow-up notification to a certain group of customers, based on your targeted marketing goals.

The opportunities are endless… Consider:
A Hair Salon: Free stuff is always a sweet surprise. Use In-Store Alerts to greet customers when they walk through your door. Offer them a free blow-dry with the purchase of their favorite deep conditioner.

MobileAppLoader is offering this latest technology with our popular Platinum App packages.
We'll help you implement In-Store Alerts from start-to-finish. We'll ship you the Beacons, you will have to a place for your Beacons in your store. Last step is to update the Beacon Title, message image and call to action button (for you, it's as easy as sending a push notification).


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